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Summer Concerts in Northern California & back at Notre Dame
Summer is here, and The Emily Lord Band is back with lots of free, outdoor, all-ages concerts. Bring your lawn chairs, friends, and kids along... if you'll be in Northern California this summer, we hope to see you at some of the shows. Visit our events link for exact location and time details:

Burlingame, CA - Art in the Park, 6/10 & 6/11
Calistoga, CA - Napa Valley Fair, 7/1
Redwood City, CA - July 4th Celebration, 7/4
Menlo Park, CA- Concert in the Park, 7/5
Redwood City, CA - Concert in the Plaza, 8/4
San Francisco, CA - Market St. Concert, 8/9
San Carlos, CA - Concert in the Park, 8/18
San Francisco, CA - Market St. Concert, 9/15
Univ. of Notre Dame, IN - Alumni Concert, 9/30

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Performing Songwriter Magazine features Brand New Day
Since it's been awhile since my last newsletter, I wanted to make sure I told you some great news that happened over the past few months. We were thrilled to learn that Performing Songwriter Magazine (circ.70,000 / readership 130,000)
selected Brand New Day as a "Top 12 DIY" Independent Music Release for their December 2005 issue. This is a pretty big deal since Performing Songwriter Magazine is a widely read and respected industry publication. Their reviewer writes:

"The great thing about self-produced records is that artists can make music in whatever style they choose, without an A&R exec breathing down their necks trying to categorize and pigeonhole. This freedom is joyfully evident on Emily Lord's latest release. The record orbits light pop, but passes effortlessly through gospel, blues, country and adult contemporary. Lord delivers her strong melodic hooks with a relaxed strength that belies the staggering ranges of many of the tunes.

Messages are positive without being saccharine. "One Day at a Time" sings of the joys of taking things easy while background "na-na-na's" bounce happily along. "The Way" explores the artist's perennial question: "What I fear most is that I've lost my way / that the gift that I've been given may be slipping away." One listen and you'll be ready to reassure her that she's serving her gifts just fine." -Mare Wakefield, Performing Songwriter Magazine

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