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A message from Emily

Happy holidays, my friends! After three years off the radar, it feels great to be sharing new music with you. My creativity has awakened after spending the past few years focused on raising my two amazing kids. Although touring and performances will remain on hold for now, I’m thrilled to be writing and recording new songs again.

Dedicated is available now!

Listen to free sound clips from Dedicated at CD Baby.com or iTunes. Buy a digital download of all four songs on Dedicated from either retailer for $3.96. The album was originally conceived as a digital-only release, but we do have physical CD’s available for purchase from our official retailer CD Baby for $11.99 each. Ordering from CD Baby is entirely safe and has a money-back guarantee. Read more on our order page.

Gift a digital download

During this holiday season, consider “gifting” a download of Dedicated to your friends for only $3.96! Visit iTunes, search for “Emily Lord” and you’ll find all three of my previous albums plus Dedicated. The “Buy Album” button has a pull down menu where you can select “gift this album.” Enter your friend’s email address and bam – you’ve knocked out another holiday gift and shared the gift of music.

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emilylord.com has been freshly updated and launched today with stuff you’ve never read before. Find out everything you want to know about Dedicated, including the story behind the album and all four of its songs, hear free sound clips, read song lyrics and the album press release.

Can you help?

Yes, you – it really matters! If you like what you hear on Dedicated, please tell a friend. Announce it to the world on Facebook, Twitter, maybe even on your blog. A testimonial from you is worth more than any other marketing engine I could hire. Particularly now, since I’m not touring or performing live shows, grass-roots promotion is essential to help spread the word. Thanks for your help!


Very special thanks to all of you who have remained on my mailing lists for years and written me back enthusiastically when I announced that new music was coming. I am deeply touched by your kind words and support. Thank you all for listening.


Excerpt from:
The “Dedicated” Press Release

With a voice that soothes and lyrics that inspire, Dedicated might just be Emily Lord’s best recorded work. Like her three previous albums, Dedicated crosses genre boundaries: it has pop-feel, folk roots, and beautifully crafted lyrics where not a word is wasted. Combine Mary Chapin Carpenter’s poetry and calming vocals with Melissa Etheridge’s spine-tingling, upbeat delivery and you’ve got Dedicated. The music touches your soul and feels good when you listen to it.


Dedicated is Emily’s third collaboration with veteran record producer Mark Hallman at The Congress House Studio in Austin, Texas (Carole King, Ani DiFranco, Shawn Colvin, Eliza Gilkyson, Patty Griffin, Lucinda Williams). Like a throwback to her debut album, Emily’s acoustic guitar and lead vocals are paramount. In addition, Hallman performs supporting tracks of understated guitars, crisp percussion, and rootsy Hammond organ. The production balances authenticity with polish.


As its title evokes, each song in this short collection is dedicated to someone. Thematically, these songs also explore the essence of dedication: how love, devotion, and responsibility are intertwined. Dedicated is a hopeful, uplifting album whose richness is further revealed with every listen.

Read more
about the album and hear free sound clips at CD Baby.

Tell us what you think

To all of you who decide to order a copy of Dedicated during this busy holiday season, thank you. I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it. I would be really happy to hear your comments, so please email me directly at emilylord@junglequeenrecords.com

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